How Muzzle Brakes Complement an AR-15 Semi-Automatic Rifle

Fitting a lightweight 308 muzzle brake is the answer to achieving improved accuracy and a better shooting experience.

Having the right brand on hand is key to help you achieve your goals in terms of proper recoil reduction and avoiding unnecessary muzzle rise.

In this regard, the TMB (Triple-port Muzzle Brake) by MadHouse Design comes to mind, for three reasons:

  1. Ultimate weight savings – Due to the kind of material it’s made of, you save a ton from using the lightweight stainless steel. What is more, it only weighs 3 ounces.
  2. Minimum muzzle rise and blow back are some big reasons why this model stands heads above shoulders from the rest.
  3. The mil-spec single point cut thread of the TMB ensure optimum interface

No doubt, the TMB is perfect if you are looking for the best quality companion for your barrel and do not wish to struggle in attaching the muzzle brake to your AR-15.

How the Triple-port Muzzle Brake Improves Your Shooting Experience

One thing is for sure; you do not need to tweak anything as the gas is dispersed evenly through three precision ports. Proof it for yourself by taking with you a couple of rounds and testing it out on a 100-yard shooting range. You will be blown away by the ease of handling and the overall shooting experience.

Taking a Closer Look at the AR-15 Shooting Capabilities

It is often stated that the TMB range by MadHouse Design is well suited to an AR-15 rifle. Do not forget that the AR-15 itself is deserving of praise. Let’s take a closer look under the hood to see why.

First off, the AR-15 is said to be the U.S favorite and most popular sporting rifle and for a good reason. Come to think about it; you are spoiled with dozens of options and thousands of accessories. Whether you find yourself to be a first-time buyer or a more experienced shooter, you cannot go wrong in opting for an AR-15 firearm.

Your pops will tell you with a twinkle in his eye how they used to just head down to their local gun shop and make a selection from a pair of AR-15s on the shelf without too much hassle.

Nowadays, it is a whole diverse story as there so many choices that you do not know what to do. Seeing that you’ll need a top quality muzzle brake to complement your AR-15, speaking to old hands such as the guys over at MadHouse Design is a brilliant idea.

Doing so will get you rewarded with the perfect AR-15 that not only matches your budget but provides you with a pleasant shooting experience time after time.

Questions Worthy of Asking When Looking to Buy an AR-15

Anyone new to an AR-15 would have a ton of questions up their sleeve. Three of the more common ones include:

  1. How does it work?
  2. Who is the best manufacturer?
  3. Would an Ak-47 be a better choice as a semi-automatic rifle than the AR-15?

Needless to say, the AR-15 is a man’s gun as it releases the inner GI Joe for various reasons. Some would simply make use of this semi-automatic as a hobby to practice their shooting abilities on a range nearby, while others will take the art of shooting more seriously as a way of defending themselves if the need ever arises.

Other questions posed by newbie AR-15 enthusiasts would be:

  • Where can I go to learn more about firearm safety rules?
  • How do I operate an AR-15 safely?
  • What is the best stance to take when practicing at my local shooting range?
  • Any advice on how best to clean and maintain my AR-15?

Regarding the last question, you will find it has two pins that hold the upper and lower together that makes it a complete rifle. Most of the time for cleaning, all you have to do is pop out the back pin by pressing down on it, and you will feel it pop, then you simply pull the mechanism out. Soon your chamber will be ready to be cleaned out using a bore snake or whatever other cleaning methods you choose to use.

Then, there is a host of ammo choices too. It depends on whether you intend using the AR-15 for self-defense or to practice your range shooting.

There you have it. Some useful advice coming from expert 308 muzzle brake designers at MadHouse Design.